10 brilliant microwave food hacks every student needs to know

You can do more with your microwave than re-heating days old pizza.

Here’s some brilliant microwave food hacks that any student should know.


Cook super quick meals

The microwave can be used to cook a lot more than just reheated leftovers: From chocolate cookies to baked potatoes, you can use your microwave to prepare all sorts of yummy meals in minutes. Check out some amazing student microwave meals here!

Microwave fruits like oranges, lemons and limes to make them easier to peel, squeeze and to get more juice out. A quick 20 second blast on a high heat will do!


Re-heat food the right way

When re-heating leftover meals in the microwave, make a hole in the centre of the food to allow it to heat more evenly

Another re-heating food tip for microwaves: Place a moist paper towel on top of the food or a add a (microwave safe) cup of water along with your leftovers to stop food going dry.

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Cook bacon in the microwave

Yes. You can cook perfectly crispy bacon in the microwave. It takes just minutes and – if you do it right – leaves no mess whatsoever.

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Ice cream scoop

Make ice cream easier to scoop

Melt ice cream a little bit to make it easier to get at!

Also easily soften butter or margarine for easier spreading and for baking in cakes.

macaroni cheese mug recipe

Cook pasta easily

Pasta isn’t exactly hard to cook but the microwave makes it even easier: Place the pasta in a mug or bowl and cover with boiling water and heat in 30 second blasts, stirring in between. Remove when cooked to taste!

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Stop making onions a chore to prepare

Make onions easier to peel – and stop yourself from a case of watery eyes – by cutting the ends off and heating them for 30 seconds. This tactic also works to make garlic gloves easier to peel too.


Free up space and save time

Cook more than two things at once by using an upside down bowl or mug as a stand, cutting your electricity bill.


Give stale foods a second chance

Make those stale crisps crunchy again but laying them out on a paper towel and giving them a 30 second blast on a high heat.


Soften hard sugar

Similarly, place hardened and lumpy sugar in a microwaveable bowl with a damp kitchen towel on top and blast for 15 second intervals until loosened. Same works with hardened honey!

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