15 must know kitchen hacks for students

From super trivial meals to awesome leftovers and cooking tricks: Here are 15 must know kitchen hacks for students

Peel bananas the right way

banana peel hackVia YouTube.com
Peel your bananas ‘upside down’ and you’ll never do it the wrong way again.


How to properly juice limes

lime juice hackVia YouTube.com
Cut up your limes (and to be honest, most other fruit) like this to make juicing easier.


Slice tomatoes like a boss

tomato cut hackVia YouTube.com
Place multiple tomatoes or cherry tomatoes between two plates and slice between them like some sort of kitchen ninja.


Separate egg yolks and whites

egg yolk hackVia YouTube.com
Use a water bottle to separate your egg yolks and whites, here’s a video.


Amazing bacon lattice

bacon hackVia YouTube.com
Lattice your bacon to make for the ultimate BLT sandwiches.


Easy homemade cereal bars

cereal bar hackVia YouTube.com
Mix cereal with marshmallows, microwave for 20 seconds, form into bars and allow to cook. EAT.


Freeze leftover wine for easy cooking

wine cubesVia YouTube.com
Make up ‘wine cubes’ that you can easily stir into sauces when cooking.


Turn bland rice interesting

rice veggie stock cubeVia YouTube.com
Adding a vegetable stock cube to cooking rice will make for a trivial and cheap meal that isn’t completely bland.


How to get into an avocado without stabbing yourself


Stop crying when cutting onions

onionvia Flickr/(matt)
There are lots of ways to stop yourself from blubbing like you’re watching The Notebook when dicing onions. You can freeze or refrigerate them for 30 minutes before hand but if you can’t wait, just set up a fan to blow the tear inducing fumes away.


Cook pasta in 60 seconds

pasta water
You can make cooking pasta trivial if you keep it soaked in water, meaning you need just 60 seconds to cook it – here’s the how to.


Dice an onion all proper like


Cook the perfect fried egg

perfect fried eggHere’s how just a tablespoon of water can produce perfect fried eggs each and every time.


Buy some kitchen scissors

kitchen hackVia YouTube.com
These scissors are amazing, cost just a few quid and make cutting things like herbs so easy.


Reheat leftover pizza in a WAFFLE maker

pizza wafflesVia YouTube.com
Re-heat pizza slices by folding them in half, cutting off the crusts and waffle. No waffle iron? Just grill or fry either side for a few minutes to leave you with hot n tasty pizza pockets!


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