15 tips and tricks for a thrifty student kitchen

Save cash, cook quicker and eat better: Here’s 15 tips and tricks for a thrifty student kitchen.

Who buys a rolling pin?

bottle rolling pin
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Don’t bother buying a rolling pin, just use an empty wine (or other glass) bottle.

Make easy potato wedges

potato chips
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Use an apple slicer to make easy potato chips and wedges.

Don’t buy a funnel

paper funnel b
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Instead, simply roll a piece of paper into a cone shape and cut off the end.

Sausage meat = easy meatblls

spaghetti meatballs
Make your own meatballs on the cheap by buying sausage meat (in the bacon and sausage isle at supermarkets) and forming them into balls. full recipe here!

Stop your fridge from smelling with a tea bag

A used tea bag can be placed in your refrigerator to absorb other nasty flavours and smells, you can also place them at the bottom of a bin for the same effect.

Make bananas last longer

Keep bananas separate rather than in a bunch and they’ll stay good for a week or more longer.

Keep eggs fresh for an extra three weeks

Keep eggs in the fridge and rub the shells with vegetable oil before refrigerating, it’ll help them stay fresh for up to four more weeks.

Keep apples ripe

Green apples
Apples should be kept in the fridge and away from other fruit, in a fruit bowl they can ripen up to ten times faster.

Homemade one (or two) ingredient ice cream

Banana and Chocolate ice cream 1
Chop up banana and freeze it (e.g. in a sandwich bag) then simply blend to get banana ice cream! Add a spoon or two of chocolate powder for chocolate banana ice cream.

Turn leftover mayo into salad dressing

You can mix the remains of your mayo with a little olive oil, vinegar and some herbs to make a delicious salad dressing.

And make Nutella hot chocolate

Similarly, turn the ends of your Nutella into a decadent hot chocolate by adding warm milk to the jar and shaking well.

Wrap celery in foil

You can keep many vegetables, such as celery and broccoli, for longer by wrapping them in foil.

Store leftover pizza the RIGHT way

Take your time to store your leftover pizza to get the most out of it: Double wrap in cling film with a kitchen towel between each slice. When it comes to re-heating, fry in a little oil rather than in the microwave.

Turn tortillas into taco shells

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Tortillas are a lot cheaper than taco shells but can you can turn the former into the latter in the microwave. Wrap them around the inside of a cup and blast for a minute or so per tortilla (give or take),

Make awesome BLTs

blt toastie
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Toast both sides of your sandwich together to leave the outsides crisp and crunchy but the insides soft.

Bake your own fruit

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Baked fruit is ridiculously expensive, for some reason. Make your own at home – here’s all the cooking times you need.

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