17 Microwave Hacks You Need To Know About

The microwave is a student God send: Here’s how to get the most out of it from cooking to cleaning, and a whole lot more.

We all know we can use the microwave to heat up cheap ready meals, but it can be turned into a one-stop kitchen appliance for many of your needs.

Cooking and Baking made easy

You can use the microwave to cook up scrambled eggs or even make homemade crisps.

The microwave can also be used to make prepping food easy. From peeling garlic to painless cutting of onions, your microwave can help do it.

But wait, there’s more! The humble can microwave can also be used to save food from the bin. You can use these microwave hacks to give hard sugar and bread a second chance.

microwave hacks 2

microwave hacks 3

microwave hacks 4

Life hacks

It’s not just food that a microwave comes in handy for, it can be used to help with daily chores from cleaning to gardening.

Plus, the device essentially able to clean itself – with the help of a lemon and some water.

microwave hacks 5

microwave hacks 6

What NOT to microwave

Alas, the microwave isn’t perfect for everything. Here are five things you should NOT microwave…

microwave hacks 7

And that’s your lot! Thanks to the folks over at Part Select for putting the above infographic together.

microwave hacks 8

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