17 Super Fast Eats You Can Cook In A Microwave

The microwave is a student life-saver and you can cook up a surprising array of foods and meals in them.

Microwave chicken fajitas recipe

A spicy 15-minute Mexican chicken fajitas mix ready to wrap! > Microwave chicken fajitas recipe

3 ingredient pizza bagels

Easy pizza snacks ready in just a minute or two - if that. > 3 ingredient pizza bagels

Scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs  - 1In a bowl or mug, beat eggs with a splash of milk, salt and pepper to taste. Microwave for 45 seconds, stir, and microwave again for another 30 seconds. Repeat until eggs are just set.

Fully Loaded Nachos

Simple Fully Loaded Nachos Recipe

This simple, no nonsense nachos recipe will take less than 5 minutes to do. > Fully Loaded Nachos

This Ridiculous Chocolate Marshmallow Tart

This decadent and rich chocolate tart is super easy to make and is shockingly cheap. > This Ridiculous Chocolate Marshmallow Tart

Salmon (or fish in general)

SalmonMicrowaveYou can rustle up a nice and healthy fish dish in your microwave. Salmon is particularly ideal, if not necessarily the best for budgets, and here’s one recipe to try out.

Carrot cake in a mug

A quick and tasty carrot cake in a mug recipe that takes less than 5 minutes. > Carrot cake in a mug


pasta fajitaYou can cook pasta straight in the microwave. Add the dry pasta to the bowl and add cold water to cover the pasta by about an inch. Microwave in 30 second – 1 minute blasts, stirring in between until cooked to taste. Drain any excess water.

Mac n Cheese

mac cheese microwaveYou can’t just cook pasta right in the microwave, you can cook full on pasta dishes like this mac n cheese for one mug recipe.


microwave lasangeIf you’re look to serve more than one, try this microwave lasagna recipe. Who needs to buy ready meals?

Poached egg

poached eggs how to 5Poach an egg easy – and with no need for any expensive special gadget – in a mug in the microwave. Here’s how!

Quick microwave Sweet Jacket Potato recipe

Quick microwave Sweet Jacket Potato recipe - 3

Tuck in to this light and healthy sweet jacket potato meal within minutes by ditching the oven and using the microwave. > Quick microwave Sweet Jacket Potato recipe


microwave bacon - 1You can cook perfectly crispy bacon right in the microwave with no fuss – here’s how to do it!


microwave pancakesMicrowave pancakes? Oh yes, it CAN be done. Here’s just how to do it.

Microwave chicken curry for one recipe

This super quick microwave recipe will give you a tasty chicken curry quicker than you can even decide which takeaway to order from. > Microwave chicken curry for one recipe

A whole frickin’ roast chicken

christmas budget dinner student 4
If you’ve got a big enough microwave you can even cook a whole frickin’ CHICKEN in there. While it probably tastes better done in the oven, it’s takes about 30 minutes in the microwave. Here’s a step by step video.


potato chipsMake your crisps in the microwave with recipes like this. You can also use other veg with the same results, such as these sweet potato and parsnip crisps.

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