8 surprising foods you can freeze to keep longer

Avoid food waste by freezing grub: Here are 8 surprising foods you can freeze to keep longer.

From cakes to fruit, milk to cheese, here’s what you can freeze to make your life easier and cooking quicker.

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Potatoes can be frozen but should be prepared first. You could make mash and freeze that or peel, chop and boil for 5 minutes to prepare roast potatoes that can be cooked in the oven straight from frozen.

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Milk will last up to 6 weeks in the freezer, just make sure it’s fresh when frozen.

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Wash and freeze fruit in meal size portions. You could blend directly from the freezer for a cool iced smoothy.

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Soups and sauces

Allow soups and sauces such as pasta sauce to cool before transferring to freezer-safe containers.

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Buy a big loaf, remove enough slices to last you for a week and then freeze the rest bagged in one-week portions. You can then make the one loaf last for weeks rather than the few days most seem to take before going mouldy.

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Cookie dough

Make some egg free cookie dough and then freeze it in cookie-sized portions. When hungry just bung it straight in the oven and bake until golden and gooey.

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YES! You can freeze cakes and other baked goods, from whole to slices. Just make sure you wrap up well with layers of clingfilm and foil.

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Grate cheese and store in freezer bags for weeks, you can then add handfuls directly to your meals before cooking when required.

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