8 Ways To Start Eating Healthier This Week

Eating healthy needn’t mean make huge changes to your diet: Here are 8 simple ways to start eating better this week.

These quick and easy changes can make a big difference, so give them a go!

Reduce the salad dressing

Some salad dressings can be shockingly unhealthy, especially creamy ones like Ceaser, and turn salads into worse meals than takeaways. Go easy when dressing your salad or AVOID completely!

Swap mayo out for yoghurt

Even ‘diet’ versions of mayonnaise can have more than 3 times the calories and 10 times the fat of Greek yoghurt. Try making the swap and see if you dig it!

Avoid fruit juices

Fruit juices are notoriously sugary even though they may offer a lot of health benefits in the way of vitamins and whatnot. Swap just the juice for the whole fruit: A whole orange has about half the calories as a cup of orange juice.

Ditch potato crisps

Potato crisps are a real bad snack. Buy – or better yet, make your own – alternatives from other veg including sweet potato, parsnips, carrots or even tomato. Here’s one alternative crisps recipe.

Drink less booze

Alcohol is full of empty calories so cut back (or better yet, cut out)

Stop with the ready meals

Ditch expensive, salt laden and unhealthy ready meals for these home-made healthy quick and easy eats

Cut pasta and rice out

Pasta and rice full of carbs and can be swapped out for vegetable alternatives such as Cauliflower rice or courgette spaghetti.

Make alternative fries

Make a healthy swap with your fries by using sweet potato, carrots or even green beans.

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