The Best Christmas Chocolates Ranked

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As Christmas nears and we get ready to stuff our faces with festive feasts, the season’s best chocolates have been ranked.

There’s always arguments over which is best as folks scramble for their favourite, and now the truth is out.

In a mega public poll carried out by the folks over at YouGov, Britain’s best Christmas chocolates have been revealed.

Whether your pick are Celebrations or Heroes, if you prefer Quality Street or Roses, there’s sure to be winners and losers in each tub.

But which choccies came out on top?

best christmas chocolates

In the case of Quality Street there is a clear favourite: The Purple One, voted for over a third of all chocolate lovers. By contrast, the coconut Eclair ranked last with just 13% liking it.

The Celebrations also had a runaway victor with the Malteasers Teaser achieving an approval rating of 39%. That makes it the most liked chocolate of all the tubs. The Mars Bar had fewer than half as many votes.

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The Hazelnut Caramel won topped Cadbury Roses’ voting results, just beating out fellow caramel confectionery, The Golden Barrel.

It was a tie at the bottom. Just 10% of people said they actually liked the Caramel Bite and the Brazilian Darkness.

Finally there was a hard fought race to be named the Number 1 chocolate in a tub of Cadbury Heroes. The Twirl just beat out the Diary Milk by 1% of the vote. The eclair on the other hand lagged well behind the rest of the pack.

So there you have it, statistics fans. The end of all chocolate Christmas arguments (but probably not).

PIC: spyka Stock / YouGov

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