15 easy recipes all students should master at University

Cooking really isn’t hard and these 10 easy yet tasty recipes prove it, try them out and become a student master chef!

Sweet and sour chicken

simple sweet sour chicken recipe - 1

This quick and easy sweet and sour chicken recipe couldn't be any easier.  Get the full recipe here: > Sweet and sour chicken

Pizza baguettes

pizza baguettes

A 10 minute method to make your own mini pizza baguettes when you're feeling just a bit peckish  Get the full recipe here: > Pizza baguettes

Easy Chinese chicken stir-fry

 Easy Chinese chicken stir-fry

A super easy Chinese chicken stir-fry recipe for students that's ready in under 15 mins  Get the full recipe here: > Easy Chinese chicken stir-fry

Pasta recipes

veggie pasta bake 7

Pasta is a student staple and there are countless easy and tasty meals to come up with, see our listing of Pasta recipes for students here!

Egg free cookies

Egg free cookies

These yummy homemade egg free cookies have only four ingredients, take less than 30 minutes and need only one bowl  Get the full recipe here: > Egg free cookies


veggie lasagna recipe student 4

Lasagna is surprisingly easy to make, for a cheap student version try this sausage lasagna recipe and for veggies there’s this vegetarian lasagna student recipe.

Easy Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese students recipe

A simple classic: Here's a simple how to Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.  Get the full recipe here: > Easy Spaghetti Bolognese

Bangers and mash

Bangers and mash

Learn how to make super simple, no nonsense sausages and mash with this easy recipe.  Get the full recipe here: > Bangers and mash


chicken and cheese quesadillas recipes 3

You need to be something rather odd to cook a quesadillas wrong.

Macaroni and Cheese with bacon!

Macaroni and Cheese with bacon!

Whip up a batch of homemade Macaroni Cheese (with optional Bacon) with this super easy student recipe.  Get the full recipe here: > Macaroni and Cheese with bacon!

Cheese Omelette

cheese omlette

This super cheesy cheese omelette recipe makes for a super quick breakfast.  Get the full recipe here: > Cheese Omelette

Chicken Enchiladas

cheesy chicken Enchilada

Make up these yummy spicy and cheesy chicken enchiladas in less than 30 minutes.  Get the full recipe here: > Chicken Enchiladas

Pizza nachos

pizza nachos recipe

Pizza nachos: For when you just can't decide which of the two tasty staples you want to eat.  Get the full recipe here: > Pizza nachos

Tasty Cheese on Toast

cheese toast recipe

A quick and dirty classic: Simply cheese on toast, no messing.  Get the full recipe here: > Tasty Cheese on Toast

Easy Chilli Con Carne

student recipes chilli con carne

A super simple and quick Chilli Con Carne student recipe that takes just 20 minutes.  Get the full recipe here: > Easy Chilli Con Carne

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