18 simple student recipes that mean no washing up

Who needs to make a mess when cooking? All these recipes need absolutely no (or at worst very little) washing up.


And that doesn’t mean boring or bland foods either with everything from pizzas to chicken and fish meals here.

Ham Egg Cheese Bread Bowls

Ham, Egg & Cheese Bread Bowls

These delicious melting ‘bread bowls’ takes toasties to a whole new level and don’t mean any mess – get the recipe here.

Easy Nutella Turnovers

Easy Nutella Turnovers

This easy Nutella turnover recipe takes just 15 minutes and is possibly one of the simplest (and also greatest) Nutella recipes out there.  Get the full recipe here: > Easy Nutella Turnovers

Easy ham and cheese croissants

Easy ham and cheese croissants

These super easy ham and 'croissants' using puff pastry take less than 15 minutes. Tasty.  Get the full recipe here: > Easy ham and cheese croissants

Nutella Yoghurt

Nutella Yoghurt

This Nutella Yoghurt recipe is super delicious either on its own or as a dip for fresh fruit.  Get the full recipe here: > Nutella Yoghurt

Tasty strawberry and cream tarts

strawberry and cream tarts

Yes, these delicious bite size desserts need no washing up at all.  Get the full recipe here: > Tasty strawberry and cream tarts

Sweet melting fudge croissants

Sweet melting fudge croissants

Stick a bit of fudge in some crossaint pastry. Top with sugar and cinnamon. Bake. Enjoy in food heaven.  Get the full recipe here: > Sweet melting fudge croissants

Pizza baguettes

pizza baguettes

A 10 minute method to make your own mini pizza baguettes when you're feeling just a bit peckish  Get the full recipe here: > Pizza baguettes

Cheese on toast

cheese toast recipe

Stick a handful of cheese on some bread and put it under the grill. DONE.  Get the full recipe here: > Cheese on toast

chocolate banana

Bananas with chocolate and marshmallows

Yup, you can cook up some super delicious desserts with no cleaning up too, like these chocolate banana melts

walking taco

‘Walking taco’

This easy Mexican style-feast is trivial to make, requires no clean up and makes for a great lunchtime meal. Get the ‘recipe’ here.

cheese fries

Ultimate cheesy fries

These decadent gourmet cheesy fires are topped with bacon and can be cooked right on the BBQ (or in the oven) – get the recipe here!


No washing up cod parcels

A saucy fish dish with bacon and tomatoes that makes for a real healthy meal with no clean up – get the recipe here.

Toasted salmon bites

Toasted salmon bites

Try these quick and yummy Salmon bites, with sour cream and pepper.  Get the full recipe here: > Toasted salmon bites

Marmite and cheese toastie

Marmite and cheese toastie

Turn your usual marmite on toast breakfast into something a little bit different with this toastie delight.  Get the full recipe here: > Marmite and cheese toastie

Pizza wrap, burrito style!

pizza wrap recipe 2

Turn a tortilla into a burrito-style pizza wrap that you can make in the microwave in just 2 minutes.  Get the full recipe here: > Pizza wrap, burrito style!

Ham and cream cheese wraps

Ham and cream cheese wraps

A quick and simple lunch time snack and that's easy to make and great to take out with you  Get the full recipe here: > Ham and cream cheese wraps

Refreshingly low-fat cucumber sandwich

Refreshingly low-fat cucumber sandwich recipe - 2

A perfect dinner treat or lunch time snack for summer: An awesome, quick and simple cucumber sandwich.  Get the full recipe here: > Refreshingly low-fat cucumber sandwich

Pepperoni Pizza Chicken

chicken pizza recipe - 1

Our pepperoni pizza chicken recipe is an easy way to spice up a dull chicken breast into something a bit more exciting.  Get the full recipe here: > Pepperoni Pizza Chicken

Bagel nacho sandwich

nacho bagel

Make yourself this stuffed if messy nacho bagel sandwich next time you're in need of a snack.  Get the full recipe here: > Bagel nacho sandwich

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