7 Easy Student Meals For Dinner This Week

easy student recipes

If you’re in need of inspiration for dinner this week, try these tasty and easy Student Recipes.

Including Nacho Chicken, Toad In The Hole and Pasta Bake.

Crunchy Nacho Hasselback Chicken

This easy Hasselback Chicken recipe is sure to spruce up boring every day chicken breasts. Get the full recipe here: > Crunchy Nacho Hasselback Chicken

Homemade toad in the hole

Just like mum used to make  Get the full recipe here: > Homemade toad in the hole

Baked Cheese and Veggie Gratin

This tasty and sort-of healthy veggie and cheese bake is super easy. Get the full recipe here: > Baked Cheese and Veggie Gratin

Honey Sausage and Sweet Potato

Quite a twist on the standard sausage and mash: Try this sticky honey sausage and sweet potato student meal. Get the full recipe here: > Honey Sausage and Sweet Potato

Vegetarian Chicken Supreme

A creamy vegetarian chicken supreme recipe that goes great with rice or mash. Get the full recipe here: > Vegetarian Chicken Supreme

Pizza Nachos

Pizza nachos: For when you just can't decide which of the two tasty student staples you want to eat. Get the full recipe here: > Pizza Nachos

Turkey Pasta Bake

turkey pastabake

A great student pasta bake recipe: Make this Turkey pasta bake, topped with cheese, within 30 minutes. Get the full recipe here: > Turkey Pasta Bake

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