More students than ever are going hungry to pay for living costs

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Students are going hungry in order to pay for a roof over their heads, it’s been revealed.

One in three students surveyed in a new poll said they were going without food to pay the bills as the cost of living soars, especially in cities like London.

And a lack of food isn’t the only consequence of the tough times, with a poll for The Student Room revealing that 41% of students had themselves or know someone who had sold drugs to help with living costs.

35% said the same about working as either an escort or exotic dancer while 30% are in a relationship with a “sugar mummy or daddy”, or know someone else.

30% of respondents also said they had stolen while at University with 80% of those stealing food.

However it could be argued that some students do only have themselves to blame with more than half admitting to steeling booze.

Top money saving food tips for students

You do not have to go hungry as a student, here are some top ways to cut your food bill…

1. Do your own cooking and PLAN

Ready meals are expensive. Learn to cook easy student recipes yourself and plan your meals ahead of time. Take an hour out each week to plan roughly your meals for the next seven days. Pick meals that share common ingredients to save money. For example, a pack of mince can be used to make Shepherd’s pie, burgers, lasagna, bolognese, chilli con carne, meatballs and curry.

2. Make use of budget meals

Try out some of these super cheap student recipes and have a look at our £10 a week shopping challenge.

turkey pastabake

3. Buy in bulk, freeze and NEVER waste

Gram for gram things generally get cheaper the more you buy, so it’s good to invest in food when you have the money by buying in bulk for long term savings. Love your freezer to keep foods for longer and try to avoid ever throwing anything away.

4. Buy and cook together

Don’t just buy in bulk but cook in bulk too and share the costs. The bigger the meal you make the more you’ll each save as the cost per serving will go down, therefore every one wins! Big, cheap and homemade dishes like lasagna, toad in the hole and pasta bakes are great things to make and share.

5. Go veggie

Meat is pretty expensive and can be swapped out in many cases for cheaper alternatives. Vegetarian meat substitutes themselves are often just as costly, so trying beans, quinoa, eggs and other proteins is the way to go.

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