Pick and Mix Quality Street tins are coming this Christmas

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You’ll be able to create your very own Quality Street selection this year thanks to new Pick N Mix tins.


Quality Street have teamed up with John Lewis to offer a new special treat for Christmas 2018.

If you’re a picky fan of the various festive chocolates then there’s very good news.

You’ll be able to customise your own tin of Quality Streets with more of your favourites, and leave behind the ones you hate.

The bad news is that the Pick N Mix tins come at quite a cost: Starting at £12 from selected John Lewis stores throughout the UK from 21 September to 23 December.

And there is a slight catch: You can’t just pile in a load of the Green Triangles, you must select at least four varieties.

The catch is that you can’t fill your tin with just one variety, you have to choose at least four of the 13 available.

Meanwhile, In John Lewis’ flagship store on London’s Oxford Street will be offering further customisation.

You’ll be able to print your own named tin, for an extra £3.

John lewis said: “From September John Lewis will partner with iconic confectioners Quality Street to offer customers bespoke tins of their favourite sweets.

“John Lewis Oxford Street will be home to an exclusive personalisation station, giving customers the chance to personalise the street name on their tin, as well as pick and mix their own flavour combinations – a high street first for Quality Street.”

The 12 Quality Street varieties include The Purple One, Green Triangle, Chocolate Toffee Finger, Strawberry Delight, Caramel Swirl, Milk Choc Block, Orange Crunch, Orange Creme, Fudge, Coconut Eclair, Toffee Penny, Honeycomb Crunch and Toffee Deluxe.

The Toffee Deluxe was previously dropped from the line up, replaced by the Honeycomb Crunch.

However it was added back again last Christmas after uproar from Chocolate addicts.

Jonathan Smith, senior brand manager for Quality Street, said at the time: “The reaction to Honeycomb Crunch replacing Toffee Deluxe last year was incredible and, although a lot of the comments were tongue in cheek, it was obvious that there is still a great deal of fondness for the Toffee Deluxe out there.”

PICTURE CREDIT: Quality Street.

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