Creme egg recipes: 10+ ridiculously tasty ways to eat a creme egg

With Easter on its way we present some ridiculously tasty ways to eat your creme eggs.

From creme egg cupcakes and ice cream to deep fried creme eggs to creme eggs and bacon (obviously), any diet is on hold for now…

Chocolate Creme Egg Cupcakes recipe

Chocolate Creme Egg Cupcakes make for the most ridiculous of Easter treats. > Chocolate Creme Egg Cupcakes recipe

Cadbury Creme Egg brownies recipe

Gooey chocolate fudge creme egg brownies. > Cadbury Creme Egg brownies recipe

Creme Egg Pizza

cereme egg pizza
Yes, the Creme Egg Pizza is a thing. It’s made of a flan base, topped with warm Nutella sauce, ice cream, halved Creme Eggs and sprinkles. What’s more, you can get it delivered. Alternatively make your own with this recipe here

Creme Egg Cheesecake

creme egg cheesecake
A no-bake creme egg filled and topped cheesecake. Recipe here


creme egg ice cream
Delicious milk chocolate ice cream with creme eggs added in just because. Recipe here

Creme egg and soldiers

cereme egg soliders
Fry up some sugary and caramelized bread solders to dip into your creme egg. Get the recipe here!

Creme egg and BACON

creme egg bacon
Bacon goes well with anything (especially more bacon), and a creme egg is no exception to this rule of food. Why not have a go at making these creme egg and Crescent roles for breakfast this Easter? Get the recipe here!

Deep fried creme eggs

deep fried creme egg
You need little more than some milk, flour and an egg (a real one!) for this recipe. Just whisk up the batter, coat the creme eggs in it and fry in some oil until golden and crispy.
Get the recipe here!

Cream egg toastie

creme egg toastie
Toasties with chocolate are surprisingly nice and so putting a creme egg between two slices of bread turns out shocking delicious… if it does look rather unappetising. Get the recipe here!

Make a GIANT Creme egg

Cadbury's Celebrate Creme Egg Season In Covent Garden With The Goo Games
This 10,000 calorie behemoth will feed you and your friends for days if not weeks, and is ultra fun to make. It’s also surprisingly you cheap, with just chocolate, sugar and liquid glucose needed at a basic level. Get the recipe here!

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