Easy cheesy baked eggs recipe

This simple cheesy baked eggs recipe is a quick and easy meal to cook up.

You can add whatever fillings you like, making it a great way to use up extra veg.


To make 1 serving

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Other fillingsE.g. Onion, peppers

How to make cheesy baked eggs:

  1. In a ramekin, oven proof mug or similar, add a handful of cheese.
  2. Crack an egg on top
  3. Add on ham, or whatever other fillings you wish
  4. Sprinkle with some more grated cheese
  5. Cook in the oven at 200 degrees (180 for fan) for just 10 or so minutes until the cheese is really bubbling.
  6. Leave to cool down for a few minutes then serve warm!

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