Easy, Cheap Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe

A staple cheap recipe: Here’s a super easy tuna pasta bake recipe and how to.

This tuna pasta bake recipe comes with a crunchy crisp topping and makes for a perfect student recipe.

The ingredients below will make enough to feed a good four people.


To make 4 servings

  • Pasta 400 g
  • Tin of chipped tomatoes
  • 2 tins of TunaDrained
  • Other vegE.g. Sweetcorn or peppers
  • Ready salted crisps
  • Grated cheese

How to make a crunchy tuna pasta bake

  1. Cook the pasta per pack instructions (boil for 8 or so minutes)
  2. In an oven-proof dish, add in the canned tomatoes, flake in the drained tuna and the pasta.
  3. You can also add some other veg if you like such as sweetcorn or peppers.
  4. For the crunchy topping (optional), crush over the crisps.
  5. Top with grated cheese
  6. Bake at 200 degrees (180 degrees for fan ovens) for 30 or so minutes until cheese is bubbling.
  7. Remove and dish up!

crunch tuna pastabake 1