Peaches and jelly flan student recipe

A brilliantly easy summer dessert recipe – serve with plenty of cream!


To make 1 serving

  • Flan case 1 Ready made
  • Jelly 100 g100g packet
  • Tinned peaches 1 Or other fruit
  • Jam 1 tsp

How to make super peaches and jelly flan:

  1. Make the jelly per pack instructions but take it out of the fridge once it’s half-set. You don’t want to be watery at all but not solid either.
  2. Spread the flan case with a thin layer of jam.
  3. Drain the tinned peaches (or other fruit). You may want to save the juice or syrup for something else but it will be no use here – no one likes a soggy flan!
  4. (Pictured above) Layer on the fruit onto the flan casing.
  5. Pour over the jelly
  6. Cover (e.g. with cling film) and return to the fridge to let the jelly to set fully. Keep in the fridge until the flan has been eaten!
  7. peach flan recipe 1

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