Quick microwave chocolate cake

An ultra quick, ultra easy and no bake recipe to make a tasty chocolate sponge cake.


To make 1 serving

  • Sunflower oil 50 ml
  • Caster sugar 100 g
  • Plain flower 70 g
  • Cocoa Powder 2 tbsps
  • Backing powder 1 tsp
  • Egg 1
  • Chocolate 200 gBroken into bits
  • Milk 4 tbsps
  • Hot water 4 tbsps


  1. Grab a microwaveable bowl to start and put in around 50 grams of the chocolate.
  2. Heat in the microwave on high in 30 second bursts until melted.
  3. Add in the oil, milk, egg, hot water and whisk until all mixed together.
  4. Add in the remaining cry ingredients and mix well until smooth.
  5. Place clingfilm over the top and heat on high for 3-7 minutes, depending on your microwave. Heat in one minute bursts until firm, or a skewer comes out clean.
  6. Remove and leave to cool before turning out onto a plate.
  7. Place the remaining chocolate into the bowl and melt as in Step 2.
  8. Leave to cool for a bit and tip over the sponge
  9. Enjoy!