Refreshingly low-fat cucumber sandwich recipe

Refreshingly low-fat cucumber sandwich recipe - 2

A perfect dinner treat or lunch time snack for summer: An awesome, quick and simple cucumber sandwich.

This takes just minutes, costs pence and tastes delicious. Have some pepper on hand in addition to the ingredients below for extra bite.


To make 1 serving

  • 1 tbsp of Low fat soft cheese
  • Cucumber slices
  • Two pieces of bread

How to make an awesome cucumber sandwich:

  1. Spread a good dollop of soft cheese onto both pieces of bread.
  2. Arrange the cucumber slices so they are evenly distributed. Generally most sandwiches only need nine slices in a 3×3 arrangement.
  3. *Optional* sprinkle a little pepper over the cucumber to give it a nice peppery bite.
  4. Close the sandwich and slice as desired.
  5. *Optional* remove the crusts and cut into rectangles for the perfect afternoon tea treat.
  6. Tuck in and enjoy!