Rice and tuna mayo

This is a super quick student meal that’s trivial to make, that you can either have for dinner or make for lunch.

And you only need the trio of ingredients (although you can add more!)


To make 1 serving

  • TunaFrom tin
  • Mayo
  • SweetcornOptional
  • Red pepperOptional

How to make a rice and tuna mayo:

    rice 1

  1. Add the rice to a bowl
  2. rice tuna mayo 1

  3. Add in a drained can of tuna and a tablespoon or two of mayo and mix well.
  4. Optionally you can add in some veg like sweetcorn, chopped peppers or sliced spring onions.
  5. Enjoy then and there or you can make it in advance and have for lunch!
  6. rice tuna mayo 4

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