Super simple bangers and mash recipe

Learn how to make super simple, no nonsense sausages and mash with this easy recipe.

You need just four ingredients for a tasty home-made dish that’s great for cold winter nights – yummy comfort food!

You’ll want some mashed potato for this recipe, either made from microwave mash, instant powder mash or from mashed boiled spuds. Add a splash of milk and butter for ultra creamy mash, and mix in some grated cheese for an extra twist.


To make 1 serving

  • Sausages2 per person
  • OnionAbout 1 medium for 2-3 peple
  • Gravy 250 mlMade up from granules
  • Mashed potatoesAs much as you want

How to make a super bangers and mash:

  1. Start by frying the sausages over a low heat.
  2. While they cook, peel and chop up the onion and make up the gravy from granules, per pack instructions.
  3. Once sausages have begun to brown, (about 5 minutes), add in the sliced onion and gently cook for 10-15 minutes until softened
  4. Once sausages have fully browned all over, add in the gravy and allow the mixture to simmer and thicken, stirring occasionally to avoid burning and sticking.
  5. After ten or so minutes, serve with the mash!

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