Ultimate hangover sandwich recipe

ultimate hangover sandwich student recipe

A packed full sandwich to start you on your way to curing that morning after hangover.

It’s basically a full English fry up in a sandwich.

You don’t have to add everything here, pick and choose what you desire!


To make 1 serving

  • Butter 1 tsp
  • Bacon 3 slices
  • Onion rings 4
  • Cheese slices 2
  • Brown sauce or ketchup
  • Mushrooms
  • Sausages

How to make an ultimate hangover sandwich

  1. Cook the bacon and onion rings per pack instructions.
  2. Meanwhile, fry up some sliced mushrooms and sausages in a pan.
  3. Optionally toast the bread.
  4. Butter bread and lay on onion rings.
  5. Follow with the cheese and bacon
  6. Squirt over the sauce: Brown HP sauce, ketchup, BBQ or whatever else you wish.
  7. Finish with the other slice of bread.