Ultra simple pizza baguettes recipe

A 10 minute method to make your own mini pizza baguettes when you’re feeling just a bit peckish!

Even quicker than the takeaway, this recipe is also a lot cheaper!

Top the pizza baguettes with your favourite toppings or whatever you have to hand.


To make 4 servings

  • Baguette 1
  • Pasta sauce 4 tbsps
  • CheeseGrated
  • ToppingsWhatever you want!

How to make pizza baguettes:

  1. Take the baguette and cut in half in the middle.
  2. Now slice each half open to leave you with four pizza bases (of sorts)
  3. Slap on a tablespoon of pasta or pizza sauce on each and sprinkle with the cheese
  4. Add any toppings you wish (any meat should already be cooked).
  5. Add on some more cheese
  6. pizza baguettes recipe

  7. Cook under the grill on the highest setting until the bread is crispy and cheese has melted – should only take 5-10 minutes