Yummy Frozen Yogurt Strawberries recipe

Make your own Frozen Yogurt Strawberries at home with this seriously delicious student dessert recipe


To make 1 serving

  • Strawberries
  • Low Fat or Greek Yogurt

How to make Frozen Yogurt Strawberries:

  1. Wash your strawberries thoroughly and pat dry. Cut off the tops if you don’t like storky bit.
  2. Insert a cocktail stick into the top of the strawberry and dip into your bowl or tub of yogurt. Make sure you dip it and swirl round , so you catch a good layer of the yogurt. When you insert the stick make sure its more than half way through so it doesn’t drop off.
  3. Place each dipped strawberry on to the baking tray. Make sure you space them out.
  4. Then place into the freezer for 20 -30 minutes. Trust me, these do not take like to freeze up. Take them out and eat till your hearts content!