Celebrate National Burger Day with these 13 tasty recipes


It’s National Burger Day and here’s 11 burger-based meals and recipes to celebrate.

From homemade patties to fast food copycats, whether cooked on the BBQ (no chance) or under the grill, here’s a selection of recipes to try.

The Best Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Forget the takeaway and hit the BBQ this summer with this, the ultimate in Double Bacon Cheeseburgers. Get the full recipe here: > The Best Double Bacon Cheeseburger


Brilliant Cajun Chicken and Bacon Burgers

These delicious spicy Cajun chicken burgers are perfect for summer. Get the full recipe here: > Brilliant Cajun Chicken and Bacon Burgers


Turkey burgers

Alternatively, turkey burgers provide a tasty, yummy and somewhat healthier alternative  Get the full recipe here: > Turkey burgers


Burger salad

Who said burgers weren't healthy? Still get your burger on with this tasty cheese burger salad. Get the full recipe here: > Burger salad


Bagel burger

Try something slightly different at the BBQ with his bagel burger recipe. Get the full recipe here: > Bagel burger


Go naked

Ditch buns and enjoy a less carb-laden burger option on top of lettuce with tomato and avocado.  Get the full recipe here: > Go naked


Burger toastie

burger toastie recipe

No burger bun, no problem here: Try this unique burger toastie student recipe  Get the full recipe here: > Burger toastie


BigMac copycat

This real easy and simple BigMac copycat recipe can be done quicker than you can probably walk to your local McDonalds. Get the full recipe here: > BigMac copycat


Make your own beefburgers

Here's a trivially easy recipe to making your own homemade beef burgers with just 3 ingredients. Get the full recipe here: > Make your own beefburgers


Pineapple BBQ bacon burgers

These are easy to prep and just need chucking on the BBQ or under the grill to cook.  Get the full recipe here: > Pineapple BBQ bacon burgers


Breakfast burger

Sausage, bacon and egg breakfast muffin

aka a McDonalds McMuffin copy-cat - Sausage burgers are great to wake up to.  Get the full recipe here: > Breakfast burger


Big Boy Burgers

Big Boy Burgers: Huge Burgers that'll serve four... or two if you're feeling very hungry. Get the full recipe here: > Big Boy Burgers


Chicken and Bacon Burgers

Chicken and Bacon Burgers

With everything from bacon to eggs, these huge burgers will serve up to four. National Burger Day only comes once a year, after all!  Get the full recipe here: > Chicken and Bacon Burgers

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