Healthy & Tasty Turkey Burgers recipe


Turkey burgers provide a tasty and yummy alternative to fast food! Here’s how to make your own…


  • Fresh Turkey Mince 500 g
  • Eggs 1
  • Chopped Red Chili 1
  • Red onions 2
  • Minced Garlic 2 tsps
  • Fresh or Dried Dill
  • Italian Seasonings 2 tsps
  • Dashes of Lemon Zest or Juice
  • Warburton Thin Baps (100 cals per thin)

How to make your own Healthy Turkey Burgers:

  1. Throw all your ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together using your hands. Make sure you have combined the mixture well.
  2. Shape mixture into 13 mince burgers and place on a oven tray. You can use a skillet if you prefer but I just banged these darlings into an oven, at 200 degrees.
  3. Once cooked, remove from the oven and let them stand for a minute or two. Pop your bap or pitta bread into the oven to toast a little.
  4. Add your chosen sauce topping and salad.
  5. Fill that hungry tummy!!!!!
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