Super quick Mackerel hash recipe

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Mix fish and potatoes for this easy one-pan student recipe, you don’t even need a plate!


  • Fillets of smoked mackerel 2
  • Cooked potatoes sliced/mashed 250 g
  • Oil 1 tbsp
  • Frozen peas or green beans 4 tbsps
  • Frozen/tinned sweetcorn 4 tbsps

How to make a mackerel hash:

  1. Add the oil to a frying pan and fry the potato for about 10 minutes until brown and crispy
  2. Add in the sweetcorn and peas and cook for a further 4 minutes
  3. Flake in the fish (leave the skin out of it!) and heat through.
  4. Season to taste.
  5. EAT IT!

Original recipe by Woman’s Weekly/REX

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