Barbecue cheese toastie

Barbecue cheese toastie

A tangy alternative to the classic cheese toastie: Try this super easy BBQ flavoured cheese toastie recipe.


  • Bread Obvs
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Butter (optional)
  • Cheese

How to make Barbecue cheese toastie:

  1. First put the barbeque sauce on one slice of bread and spread it around so it covers the bread.
  2. On a second slice of bread, take a grater and grate the cheese onto the bread and put how much you would like.
  3. Barbecue cheese toastie

  4. Place the BBQ slice sauce-side-down on top of the cheese slice to make a sandwich.
  5. Put the sandwich on a tray to grill until golden.
  6. Alternatively, pan fry in butter on each side for a few minutes.
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