This list of Britain’s favourite crisps is causing a lot of outrage

britains favourite crisps channel 5

A Channel 5 TV show which revealed Britain’s favourite crisps has caused controversy.

Channel 5 dedicated two hours of telly on Sunday night to ranking the UK’s top brands of crisps.

They’ve got to do something to fill time now Big Brother is gone, we suppose.

The programme – inspiringly titled Britain’s Favourite Crisps – saw a countdown of the nation’s 20 most popular flavours and brands of crisps.

Naturally, like most things nowadays, there was a celebrity element to the show as a number of famous faces shared their thoughts on the top 20.

The final ranking however has prompted an outrage that only the British could create.

Pringles, Doritos and Walkers topped the Channel 5 ranking, while brands such as Monster Much and the classic Pom-Bears didn’t even get a look in.

“Just rang Ofcom! How are Monster Munch not top 3? Sick of all these fake shows making shit up! #britainsfavouritecrisps,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

Another reacted: “Feel like I’m going to be sick, Why on earth on Original flavoured Pringles in God tier?”

And a third raged: “HOW ARE MONSTER MUCH OUTSIDE THE TOO 10?!?!? ? I’m about to smash the television. #BritainsFavouriteCrisps”

Things then got serious as the topic of whether or not Mini Cheddars counted as a crisp was discussed.

“I will pray for all of the British people who truly believe Mini Cheddars are crisps. They’re biscuits,” declared one self-proclaimed crisp expert.

Another agreed: “Outrageous, once again the public can not be trusted, we need a second peoples vote, let’s be clear Mini Cheddars are not crisps”

One thing that most people seemed to agree on was that the omission of Pom-Bears was a shocking oversight.

“WHERE ARE POMBEARS?! #BritainsFavouriteCrisps” demanded to know one angry crisp fan.

If you missed it, you can watch Channel 5’s Britain’s Favourite Crisps online here.

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