Top kitchen gadgets for students: 6 money and time saving inventions

Every kitchen needs a few gadgets and a student kitchen is no different: Here’s our list of 6 brilliant tools you should splash out on to make life easier for yourself!

fruit peeler
Fruit peeler: A nifty little cutlery draw gadget that will make easy work of those hard to peel fruits!

banana bag
Banana bags: Think of this as an investment to save money on moldy fruit in future. Banana bags keep your Bananas fresher for longer and stops them going black and icky.

toastie bags
Toastie bags: Easily make toastie after toastie with absolutely NO MESS and minimal effort with these reusable toastie bags.

pizza scissors
Pizza scissors: Clearly from the ‘I Wish I thought of that department’, these really are a bit gimmicky but fun all the same.

Egg rings help you make the perfect fried and poached eggs every time.

lego ice cubes
Lego ice cube trays: Okay, this selection is just a novelty but if you’re going to have an ice cube tray make sure that it’s this one.

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