Turkey Twizzlers are back – where to buy them?

turkey twizzlers

Turkey Twizzlers are back on the menu after almost 15 years off the shelves.

The spiralised meat snack from Bernard Matthews were discounted in 2005 after Jamie Oliver famously waged war against ‘unhealthy’ school dinners.

But now they’re back, on sale in major stores starting with Iceland from this Thursday (August 20).

The new Turkey Twizzlers will be available in two flavours, Original Tangy Tomato and Chilli Cheese.

The recipe has changed to make the Twizzlers healthier with Bernard Matthews even hoping to bring them back to schools.

Marketing director David Leigh said: “We have been discussing the return of the Twizzler for some time. Obviously we’d like the product to go into schools, but for the minute, we’ve focused on going into what I guess you’d call mass market retail.”

He added: “If you look at our product now and let’s say you compared, say, two pork sausages to two Twizzlers, there’s 83% more saturated fat in two average pork sausages compared to two Twizzlers.

“So we have spent a lot of time making sure that we are delivering a healthy, a significantly healthier, product than it was before. It is very much a different product.”

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