13 ways to make the most out of your food

Get more from your tight student food budget with these smart and surprising ways to get the most from your grub.

Keep celery in foil

You can keep many veggies for longer by wrapping them in foil, such as celery and broccoli. Related tip: Storing apples with potatoes can prevent them both going off as quick.

Get more juice from your fruits

Microwave fruits like oranges, lemons and limes to make them easier to peel, squeeze and to get more juice out. A quick 20 second blast on a high heat will do!

Give foods a second chance

Make those stale crisps crunchy again but laying them out on a paper towel and giving them a 30 second blast on a high heat.

Turn stale bread into pudding

Don’t ditch stale bread, it’s perfectly fine for all sorts such as toasts (just plain old toast, french toast, cinnamon toast and more) plus tasty desserts like bread and butter pudding – pictured above!

Turn overripe bananas into cakes

Similarly, brown bananas can be used up easily in all sorts of recipes too, such as yummy banana loaf cake!.

Freeze fruit and veg

Don’t let fresh fruit and veg go off! Peel, cut up and freeze fruit to make yummy iced smoothies or cocktails whenever you so desire. Freezing veg requires a little more work, check out this guide here!.

Keep onions and garlic in holey bags

Store Onions and garlic in bags with holes in them to allow them to ‘breath’ and stay alive!

The last of the Nutella becomes decadent hot chocolate

Turn the ends of your Nutella into a decadent hot chocolate by adding warm milk to the jar.

And leftover Mayo becomes salad dressing

Similarly, you can mix the remains of your mayo with a little olive oil and some herbs to make a delicious salad dressing.

Keep bananas for longer with clingfilm

Wrap the tops of bananas with clingfilm to keep them from browning for longer.

Add a paper towel to your lettuce

Store a paper towel with your lettuce leaves to keep them fresher for longer. Breathing on it (the CO2) also helps, but we think most people will find that a bit icky.

Store leftover pizza the RIGHT way

Take your time to store your leftover pizza to get the most out of it: Double wrap in cling film with a kitchen towel between each slice.

Make soups and smoothies from leftovers

Keep off cuts of fruit and veg for use in smoothies and soups. Look online for recipes or just experiment yourself. Bonus points if they actually taste nice.

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