Simple Panini Pizza Recipe

panini pizza recipe - 2

These Panini pizzas take just 10 minutes making them a perfect quick lunch or snack.

You can use some ready-made pizza sauce for this recipe or make your own with this easy recipe. Alternatively, pasta sauce will work as a substitute or you could just use a teaspoon of tomato puree.


To make 1 serving

  • Panini roll
  • Pizza sauce
  • ToppingsE.g. Pepperoni, Ham, mushrooms, peppers, onion, etc.
  • Grated cheese

How to make easy panini pizzas:

  1. Heat the grill to medium.
  2. Slice the panini roll in half and lightly toast under the grill for a minute or so.
  3. Spread over the pizza sauce and scatter on your chosen toppings. We kept it simple with pepperoni slices.
  4. Top with grated cheese.
  5. Return to the grill until top is golden.