13 Must Know Money Saving Food Shopping Tips

Don’t spend a fortune keeping yourself fed: These money saving tips for the food shop, and eating in general, mean more cash in the bank!

Eat in season fruit and veg

Fruit and veg that is in season is always a lot cheaper as its more easily available, so make use of it when you can for extra savings on the food shop.

Go vegan/veggie

Meat is one most expensive things you can buy so try going Veggie or totally Vegan, even if one day a week. Start with these 20+ easy vegetarian student recipes.

3 ingredient homemade burgers 8

Make own burgers

If you can’t go without meat, know that awesome burgers can be whipped up with just three basic ingredients which you cook fresh or freeze for later, don’t waste cash on buying processed ones from the supermarkets.


Planning your meals ahead to save a load of cash. Pick dishes that share common ingredients, make a shopping list and STICK TO IT to avoid impulse purchases.

Buy in bulk

Bulk buying food is a brilliant money saving tactic, especially with common ingredients such as tinned tomatoes or pasta, which last pretty much forever.

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Supermarket reductions

When shopping be sure to make the most of Money Saving Supermarket Reduction Times to get the best bargains and eat for pennies!

But watch out for supermarket tricks

Don’t get ripped off by dirty supermarket tactics which are designed with only one thing in mind: Making you spent more than you wanted to!

Cook as a group

Cooking together makes things cheaper, is more fun and a lot more sociable, so try it out! Ideal meals include big dishes that easily scale up, so things like pasta bakes, a Chicken roast or shepherd’s pie.

Make your own fast food and takeaways

Instead of ordering in a curry, make one yourself! or try a homemade bigmac. You can find all sorts of ‘copycat’ recipes online that are just as quick – but a lot cheaper – than getting a takeaway.

Halloumi Salad recipe1

Make a packed lunch

Avoid expensive and unhealthy ready made sandwiches and salads and instead make your own lunches at home before you head out – try these 20+ University lunch ideas!.

Love Your Freezer

Don’t let food go to waste so make sure to freeze what you can for later before it ends up useless. This can include pretty much everything from milk and bread to cake and cheese.

bread butter pudding recipe 2

Eat ‘off’ food

If you can’t or it’s too late to freeze, still don’t waste good food! Stale or ‘off’ ingredients don’t always need to be chucked away. Brown bananas can become banana loaf cake while you can turn stale bread into a delicious pudding. (above)

Keep leftovers

Never chuck away what you don’t get. At the very least, keep it for later or alternative use it in a brand new recipe. > 16 recipe ideas for leftover food

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