9 ways to make beans on toast more interesting

Beans on toast is a student classic but this ultra cheap meal can get a bit boring: Here are nine ways to make it more interesting while not breaking the bank or spending time!

Spice it up

If you like things hot try adding a bit of chopped chilli and Tabasco sauce into your beans, or chilli and curry powder. You can also buy spicey baked beans, as well as other flavoured varieties such to BBQ.

Add veg

Dice up and sauté (fry on a high heat) veg such as onions, peppers or mushrooms and add them to the beans.

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Beans on French Toast

Rather than just a standard slice of toast, enjoy your beans on french toast / eggy bread. Beat an egg with a splash of milk, soak the bread in the mixture and fry on both sides in a little butter.


Make a sandwich

Turn your beans on toast to beans in toast by adding a slice on top to enjoy a baked beans sandwich… just be sure to have some tissues handy as things will be getting messy!

baked bean toastie recipe

Or a toastie…

Combine beans with cheese between two slices of bread and pan fry in butter for a delicious toastie. Get the full baked bean toastie recipe here


Cheese it up

Grate a load of your favourite cheese all over the top and let it melt. Add a splash of Worcestershire sauce if you like.

Add a bit of meat

Add a bit of cooked meat to the beans such as bits of ham, chicken, gammon or even bacon. You could also splash out and buy yourself a tin of beans and sausages!

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Get your egg on

If you’re desperate for protein then add a hearty egg on top, be it fried, scrambled or poached. Yummy!


Stir in a spoonful of Marmite to your beans for a rather unique taste.

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