16 Lazy Student Recipes For When You Just Can't

lazy student recipes

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Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to cook and that’s where these lazy recipes come in.

These tasty student eats are super quick and easy to prepare and take just minutes – or even seconds – to whip up.

Pizza baguettes

pizza baguettes

A 10 minute method to make your own mini pizza baguettes when you're feeling just a bit peckish  Get the full recipe here: > Pizza baguettes

Nutella Yoghurt

Nutella Yoghurt

This Nutella Yoghurt recipe is super delicious either on its own or as a dip for fresh fruit. Get the full recipe here: > Nutella Yoghurt


tuna salad recipe 2Perhaps not quite what you want coming in from a night out, but still something that’s quick and easy to whip up for lunch or in the evening. Check out these tasty salad recipes!

Avocado toast

avocado toastA great study snack to munch on while reading over breakfast. Get the simple recipe here.


chicken and cheese quesadillas recipes 3You need to be something rather odd to cook quesadillas wrong. Stuff ’em with all sorts.

Ultimate cheesy fries

cheese friesThese dedicate gourmet cheesy fires are topped with bacon and can be cooked right in the oven with NO CLEAN UP! Get the recipe here!


student recipes toastie 19Toasties are simple to make and you can shove pretty much anything between two slices of fried bread, even a cheese burger. > 9 yummy toastie ideas

Pizza nachos

Pizza nachos

Pizza nachos: For when you just can't decide which of the two tasty student staples you want to eat. Get the full recipe here: > Pizza nachos

Pizza bagels

Pizza bagels

This 3 ingredient pizza bagel recipe is a must for students requiring just a toaster and a microwave. Get the full recipe here: > Pizza bagels

Ultimate tuna melt

Ultimate tuna melt

Tuck into this yummy (and super cheap) ultimate tuna melt toastie in just minutes  Get the full recipe here: > Ultimate tuna melt

Pan fried Halloumi and red peppers

Pan fried Halloumi and red peppers

Fry peppers. Fry Halloumi. Put them together. It really couldn't be easier.  Get the full recipe here: > Pan fried Halloumi and red peppers


cheese omletteEgg omelettes are trivial and take only minutes – try this basic omelette recipe, one packed with veggies or with a melting cheese and onion. filling.

Sweet and sour chicken dippers

Sweet and sour chicken dippers

A super fast Sweet and sour chicken recipe for students... the cheating method. Or here's a full sweet and sour chicken recipe.  Get the full recipe here: > Sweet and sour chicken dippers

Maltesers cereal

Maltesers cereal for breakfast

Breakfast will never be the same again.  Get the full recipe here: > Maltesers cereal

Marmite and cream cheese toast

Marmite and cream cheese toast recipe

Super tasty Marmite and cream cheese toast makes for a sweet snack  Get the full recipe here: > Marmite and cream cheese toast

Egg in bread

Egg in bread

Pretty much what the title says.  Get the full recipe here: > Egg in bread

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