11 takeaway foods and snacks you can make yourself

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Make tasty fast food at home with these delicious and surprisingly cheap and easy copy-cat, DIY takeaway recipes.

Save cash, make stuff fresh and customise to your hearts content with these simple recipes that cover everything from burgers to doughnuts.

Big Mac copycat

Big Mac copycat

This real easy and simple BigMac copycat recipe can be done quicker than you can probably walk to your local McDonalds. Get the full recipe here: > Big Mac copycat



Never visit Krispy Kreme again, instead make your own glazed doughnuts at home.

Crispy French Fries

Crispy French Fries

Make your own McDonalds (or generic fast food) style fries/chips with this home made takeaway style chip recipe and how to. Get the full recipe here: > Crispy French Fries

Chicken Corma Curry

Chicken Corma Curry

An easy and quick chicken korma curry recipe for students: Make this homemade, one pan curry and save money by avoiding the takeaways. Get the full recipe here: > Chicken Corma Curry


Sausage, bacon and egg breakfast muffin

Save time and cash by making your own fast food: Here's a super tasty sausage, bacon and egg breakfast muffin recipe. Get the full recipe here: > McMuffin

chocolate digestive biscuits

Chocolate biscuits

Make tasty chocolate digestive biscuits with this recipe.

chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets

Another copycat fastfood recipe make your own chicken nuggets with this recipe.

homemade jaffa cakes

Jaffa cakes

These tasty homemade Jaffa cakes are a treat to make – recipe here.

homemade dorritos


Make your own Dorritos with this recipe and never buy dips again with these salsa and guacamole guides.

Sweet and sour chicken

sweet and sour chicken student recipe

This quick and easy sweet and sour chicken recipe will have you tucking in within 10 minutes  Get the full recipe here: > Sweet and sour chicken

cereal bar hack

Cereal bars

Mix cereal with marshmallows, microwave for 20 seconds, form into bars and allow to cook. EAT. Video here.

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