Very yummy pizza chips

A quick and dirty method for a great yummy snack, or a full blown dinner if you want!


  • Chips Your own, oven, microwave, chip shop, whatever!
  • Pasta sauce 2 tbsps
  • Cheese Grated
  • Toppings Whatever youw want!

How to make tasty pizza chips:

  1. Grab your chips – either make your own with our homemade chunky chips recipe, cook some supermarket bought oven chips per packet instructions, get them from a microwaveable packet or even a portion from the chip shop.
  2. Pour over the pasta sauce.
  3. Cover with the grated cheese.
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  5. Sprinkle over any toppings you wish, such as slices of pepperoni
  6. Put into the oven on a high heat for no more than a few minutes until the cheese has melted, or microwave on high for 30 seconds to a minute
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