Student kitchen essentials: Get ready for moving in day!

With a new University year approaching, just what do you need to bring for your kitchen? Here are 5 key essentials you’ll want from Day 1!

Sandwich bags

Sandwich bags will come in handy more often then you can imagine from keeping left overs to making the perfect poached egg. Grab a roll-ful from the local supermarket or discount store before you start the year.

Foil… lots of foil

Foil is great for cooking as it means less washing up, which is always good. Buy it lots and buy it cheaply – any supermarket or pound shop basic brand will be good enough. Wrap trays in foil when baking or grilling to keep them them clean or just use the foil as its own container for things like baked potatoes.

Olive oil

Olive oil will come in handy when preparing all sorts of dishes – from just making sure you food doesn’t stick to adding flavour, keep some in the cupboard at all times

Spices and herbs

Spices making boring (read: Cheap) food a lot more interesting for little extra cost. Grab things such as Paprika, Cumin, Ground Coriander and Garlic Powder to make spicy fries or cajun chicken. Also pick up some herbs like Basil for pasta and oregano to make that plain margherita pizza just a bit more interesting.

Basic kitchen utensils (but nothing fancy)

You’ll want a basic range of kitchen utensils, at a minimum: A good set of knifes, a chopping board, scissors, baking/oven trays, pots and frying pans, and bowls (microwave-safe), as well as the obvious cutlery and plates for eating! However beyond that, you won’t need much: Don’t waste cash on expensive gadgets like smoothy makers, blenders or deep fat friers!

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