17 idiot proof recipes all students should learn

Super quick pizza muffin recipe

Student cooking needn’t be hard and these super easy recipes prove it.

From quick snacks to homely meals, all of these super easy student recipes are (almost) impossible to get wrong.

Eggs all sorts of ways

student recipes howto 02Fried, poaches, scrambled or boiled, on their own, in salads or in pies, there’s so many ways to use eggs the list is endless – see all of our recipes with eggs here.

Sweet and sour chicken dippers

A super fast Sweet and sour chicken recipe for students... the cheating method. Or here's a full sweet and sour chicken recipe.  Get the full recipe here: > Sweet and sour chicken dippers

Easy chicken korma

Make this homemade, one pan chicken korma curry and save money by avoiding the takeaways.  Get the full recipe here: > Easy chicken korma

Homemade toad in the hole

It has just five ingredients and can't go wrong.  Get the full recipe here: > Homemade toad in the hole

Stir fry

Easy Chinese chicken stir-fry 1Stir-fry recipes are super quick, easy to make and need just the one pan – see all our stir fry student recipes


chicken and cheese quesadillas recipes 3You need to be something rather odd to cook a quesadillas wrong.


student recipes toastie 19Toasties are simple to make and you can shove pretty much anything between two slices of fried bread, even a cheese burger. > 9 yummy toastie ideas

Cream of chicken pasta bake

cream of chicken pasta bake recipe

This is a super simple, fool proof three step cheesy pasta bake recipe made with Cream Of soup. Get the full recipe here: > Cream of chicken pasta bake

Fruit crumbles

strawberry crumble recipe b2Mix flour, butter and sugar to make a simple crumble can be sprinkled on chop up fruit for a crispy crumble pudding. Try a classic apple crumble recipe or this super strawberry crumble.

Pizza nachos

Pizza nachos: For when you just can't decide which of the two tasty student staples you want to eat. Get the full recipe here: > Pizza nachos

Tuna melt

Tuck into this yummy (and super cheap) ultimate tuna melt toastie in just minutes  Get the full recipe here: > Tuna melt

Pizza bagels

This 3 ingredient pizza bagel recipe is a must for students requiring just a toaster and a microwave. Get the full recipe here: > Pizza bagels


cheese omletteEgg omelettes are trivial and take only minutes – try this basic omelette recipe, one packed with veggies or with a melting cheese and onion. filling.

Oven chicken fajitas

fajitas student recipe 1

This super simple, one dish chicken fajitas recipe makes for a great student meal that you can easily scale up or down. Get the full recipe here: > Oven chicken fajitas


An easy student bolognese recipe that is fool proof to cook  Get the full recipe here: > Bolognese

Easy Peasy Mince

Easy Peasy Mince

An idiot proof mince recipe with plenty of vegetables. Get the full recipe here: > Easy Peasy Mince

Ultimate Christmas dinner

Budget Christmas dinner: This budget busting Xmas roast chicken recipe costs less than a tenner and can serve up to six people. Get the full recipe here: > Ultimate Christmas dinner

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