Sandwich fillers: 9 quick and tasty recipes for sandwiches!

strawberry and cream cheese sandwich
strawberry and cream cheese sandwich

Quick, simple and involving little fuss: We all love sandwiches and here’s 9 hopefully helpful ideas and recipes about what to fill them with!

Strawberries & Cream cheese

strawberry and cream cheese sandwich
Get summery with his yummy strawberry and cream cheese sandwich recipe.

Turkey and bacon club

Stack it high: Got the munchies? Try a double decker Turkey and Bacon club sandwich.

Tuna mayo

tuna mayo
A healthy classic: Accompany your Tuna may sandwich filler with plenty of veg for a lighter snack.

BBQ chicken

No cooking required: Enjoy a tasty BBQ chicken sandwich within minutes (involves cheating!)

Cheese and marmite

marmite, cheese and cucumber sandwich
A bit unusual: Mix some usual ingredients together for a cheese, marmite and cucumber sandwich.

Meatball sub

Get messy: Another one that involves cheating, make your own meatball sub sandwich at home.

Egg mayo

Egg may sub recipe
Back to basics: Keep it simple with a classic egg mayo sandwich filler.

Avocado and bacon

bacon, egg and avocado salad sandwich
Mix it all together: Combine bacon, egg and avocado for a delicious sandwich filler recipe.

Ham and Cheese

No messing: Don’t waste time with being fancy and stick with a classic mix of ham and cheese

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