9 Ways To Eat Healthier in the New Year

Getting healthy for the new year is a classic resolution and here are 9 ways to do it with ease.

You don’t need to stock up on lettuce to radically change your diet, just a handful of slight changes and simple swaps can make 2019 a healthier one.

Super foods

Try squeezing various healthy super foods into your diet in favour of less healthier alternatives. Don’t worry, it’s not all salads and seeds, even chocolate makes the list!

Avoid ready meals

Ditch unhealthy, salt and sugar laden microwave ready meals in favour of quick homemade grub. Try meals like chicken casserole, healthy stir fries,baked sweet potato or a lazy roast dinner

southern fried salad recipe - 3

Make your own lunch

Avoid shop brought sandwiches and other surprisingly unhealthy food on the run by making your own lunch. See some cheap and easy student lunch ideas HERE!

Healthy takeaways

If you really want that takeaway or fast food, try out the healthier items on the menu. Check out these fast food favourites with fewer than 400 calories.

Cook healthier

Bake things like chicken and fish rather than frying in oil. Same with your sausages and bacon, do them under the grill instead.

Drink less booze

Most alcoholic drinks are shockingly calorific with no nutritional benefits. Cut back, opt for light alternatives or, better yet, replace them with water.

veggie tacos recipe 4

Go veggie

Force yourself to get the benefits of veg by ditching meat completely and make use of other protein sources such as eggs, beans and quinoa. > Easy vegetarian student recipes

Healthy desserts

Desserts needn’t be off the menu on a healthier diet, just make some smart swaps. Try things like two ingredient banana ice cream or baked cinnamon apples.

Don’t skip breakfast

Eating a hearty breakfast will set you up for the day ahead and make you less likely to snack. Try some of these quick and easy breakfast recipes to get going in the mornings.

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