Eat for just £10 a week! The food and recipes you need

You can eat on a super basic budget if you plan well – here’s how with all the ingredients and recipes you need to live off just £10 a week.

We’ve teamed up with the folks at the Student Hacks website to bring you a seven day, budget busting meal plan that comes in at less than a tenner.

It may be something to turn to if your budget ends up going out the window and money gets tight.

The ingredients

One tin of baked beans – 24p
Four tins of chopped tomatoes – £1.24
One tin of kidney beans – 23p
One tin of garden peas – 21p
One tin cream of chicken – 39p

Loaf of bread – 36p
Pasta – 29p
15 eggs – £1.00

500g Mince – £1.79
Onions (1kg, packed) – 55p
Carrots (500g, packed) – 25p
Peppers (three, packed) – 95p
Banana (one, loose) – 12p
Mushrooms (button, packed) – 79p
Cheese – £1.55

Total = £9.96

(Prices from Aldi)

What’s not included

There are some ingredients we’ve not included in the list such as cupboard essentials, things like oil, spices, seasoning, butter, sauces and stock. We’ve done this simply because the quantities needed for one week cannot be brought individually (e.g. a sprinkle of chilli powder or a teaspoon of oil).

The £10 a week budget recipes

You’ll notice there’s quite a lot more recipes here then needed based on three meals a day proving just how much you can get from such a relatively little food shop.


For breakfast we’ve got ten possible things to try from our ingredients. You may wish to make them all or use the ingredients from a meal you don’t cook in another recipe for a bigger serving.

Plain toast and butter (or other spread available)

Eggy bread / French toast or sweet cinnamon toast

Boiled egg and soldiers

Scrambled egg on toast

student recipes howto 03

Baked beans on toast

Cheese omelette

cheese omlette

Poached or fried egg on toast

Banana pancakes or banana bread

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch and Dinner again has plenty of recipes to pick from. Some provide two servings, so you can eat it for dinner then lunch or even breakfast the next day.

Veggie omelette – Enough ingredients to make two of these

veggie omlette recipe

Baked beans on toast – here’s how to make beans on toast more interesting.

Chilli Con Carne – 2 servings

student recipes howto 12

Veggie Pasta sauce – 2 servings

Spaghetti bolognaise – 2 servings

Pasta with cheese– 2 servings

Veggie Fajita pasta

pasta fajita

Cream of chicken pasta bake – 2 servings

Mince curry – 2 servings

Mince & veg – 2 servings

student recipes howto 24

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